Thrilling Finale for 2019 HS KB

The 2019 Iowa High School Knowledge Bowl had one of the most exciting finishes ever. Two divisions with a total of 25 teams competing in eight grueling rounds of head-to-head competition in regulation play with the top three teams in each division moving on to the Championship Round.

Division I - The Championship Round was set with Valley, Ankeny and Des Moines Christian (DMC) edging out the rest of the field at the end of regulation. As the Championship round was underway, Valley and DMC exchanged leads back and forth, slowly putting a couple of points between them and Ankeny. After the 39th question was answered the score stood at Valley leading with 11, DMC in second with 10 and Ankeny in third with 8. DMC would need to nail the last question to force a tie breaker. Everyone buzzed in for the chance to answer but DMC was quicker on the buzzer. They nailed it and force an overtime playoff for 1st place. In overtime the two teams traded leads and went back and forth in an intense dogfight to get to three points and victory. Soon each team had two points. The first team to reach three points wins the Championship. With fingers on buzzers and laser focus, both teams buzzed in at almost the same time. Valley was slightly quicker and was awarded the first attempt at answering the question. Hands went high in the air, the judge called on Valley.........the answer given was….. correct. Valley became the 2019 Iowa High School Knowledge Bowl Champions for Division I.

Division II - Ogden and Southview secured the top two spots in Division II with scores of 76 and 69 during regulation play. There was a tie for the third and final spot between PCM A and PCM B. Roland Story A, I-35, Earlham A and Adair Casey-Guthrie Center missed qualifying for the tie breaker by one point. After a number of questions in overtime, PCM-A and PCM-B were deadlocked at 2 points each. PCM-A answered the next question correctly to move onto the Division II Finals and compete for the Championship. After 39 questions in the Championship Round with one final question remaining the score was tied with all three teams having 7 points. PCM A hit the buzzer first and answered the last question to win the Championship for Division II. This left Southview and Ogden tied at the end of Championship Round to force another tie breaker determining 2nd and 3rd place. After multiple questions Southview and Ogden were deadlocked at 2 points each. Southview would edge out Ogden by answering the next question correctly to secure 2nd place.

Congratulations go out to ALL of the students. Great results from the online qualifying rounds and to all the teams that made the finals at DMACC.

Future Competition Dates
  1. Iowa Junior High Knowledge Bowl, April 16th 2020
  2. Iowa High School Knowledge Bowl, Oct 22, 2020