Congratulations to everyone on a successful Iowa Junior High Knowledge Bowl 2018. After 8 rounds of competition and the 40 question championship round Parkview A and Prairie Ridge A ended up in a tie with Parkview A winning the tie breaker round to clinch the 7th grade title. In the 8th grade division, DMC held the lead going into the championship round with Northview, Meredith and Southview all within one point of each other. Northview with a score of 77 edged out Meredith with a score of 76 to get into the championship round and ended up winning the title. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!
7th Grade Division 8th Grade Division
Parkview A 1st Northview Middle 1st
Prairie Ridge A 2nd DMC 2nd
South Middle A 3rd Southview A 3rd
Prairie Ridge B 63 Meredith 76
Parkview B 62 Earlham 71
PCM 62 Pella A 70
Pella Christian A 59 Pella B 65
South Middle B 58 Knoxville 65
Pella Christian B 50 Woodward 54
Woodward B 47 Guthrie Center 54
Meredith 42 Southview B 47
Woodward A 23 Carlisle 39
Colfax-Mingo 18 Colfax-Mingo 25

Future Competition Dates

Iowa High School Knowledge Bowl, Oct 25, 2018
Iowa High School Knowledge Bowl, Oct 24, 2019

Iowa Junior High Knowledge Bowl, Apr 18th 2019
Iowa Junior High Knowledge Bowl, April 16th 2020

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